[STATISTIC] At Least 80% of Freshman Out of Step

At 8:17 on Friday, September 20th local sources confirmed that at least 80% of Briggamore High School Class of 2023 Band Members were out of step during their Half-Time performance. “I really don’t see how anyone could march out of step to Micheal Jackson!” claimed Briggamore Band Director Jimmy Stutts

“How can they not feel the groove?!”

Interviews with members of the audience revealed that no one had noticed. “I thought they played pretty good!” said Jeff Linston (father of Briggamore 2nd String Offensive Lineman Bruce Linston). “I’ve always liked Micheal Jackson”, added Linston.

Our latest update indicates that Stutts had half a mind to call a full band meeting and blame the entire fiasco on the seniors.

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